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21 Sep 2014
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Reita:I only get sleepy when it’s not time to sleep. wonder if I should do some sit-ups.
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Reita:the god of rock can't be found! where has that guy gone!
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Reita:Huh? How does it know that I changed to an iPhone?
Reita:Oh, I see! is it shown in the app then? as I said, this Twitter thing is scary! now it’s come to light that I follow all the new fads (lol)
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21 Sep 2014
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Ruki:I was truly troubled. Let’s make it a 6plus.
Ruki:no, but like.. maybe I should just get the normal one. then again, it also seems like it’s gonna break, you know.
Reita:Didn’t you say you didn’t need it!!
Ruki:I said, I was gonna buy it after I saw you using it, didn’t I!
Reita:well, it's been decided then, you're buying it!
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21 Sep 2014
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21 Sep 2014
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21 Sep 2014
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Artist: Janet Jackson
Song: That's the Way Love Goes
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